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Mobile Features

  • 40 advanced simulations
  •     20 free doses
  •     20 in-app purchase doses
  • integrated soundscapes
  • real-time tuning
  • included guide
  • proven effective
  • powerfully strong
  • True Sequence Types
  •     QuickHit, Pure, Training
  •     Recreation, Sexual, Daily

Apple IOS

BinBeat for IOS
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BinBeat's I-Doser for Apple IOS is the best-rated and number one binaural app available through the Apple App Store. Usable on iPhones and iPads, It's the most powerful simulator available for IOS devices.

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Google Android

BinBeat for Android
Download for Android Devices

BinBeat's I-Doser for Android is available for purchase through the Android Market. It's the best-selling and best-rated binaural simulator for Google Android phones and tablets. Incredible on-the-go doses.

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Headphones Required
Quality headphones REQUIRED

Cheap ear buds or iconic white iPhone and iPad ear buds are not high enough quality to achieve the most powerful results. Be sure to pick up BinBeat apporved headphones.

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