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Software Features

  • Next-Gen Dosing Engine
  • Sample Doses
  • SlipStreaming
  • Library Management
  • Social NEtworking
  • Hyper-Skin Engine
  • Advanced Visualizations
  • Enhancement Rendering
  • Ambient Backgrounds
  • Export to MP3
  • Store Integration

Windows PC

BinBeat for Windows
Download for Windows

BinBeat's I-Doser Program for Windows allows you to play any of the hundreds of simulations available from the Dose Store. Rated the second-best science app on CNET, it has been downloaded over 1 million times.

Win PC


BinBeat for OSX
Download for Mac

BinBeat's I-Doser Program for Mac OSX is based on the most popular binaural brainwave software of all time. The wait is over. Now Mac users can have access to the incredible power of simulated moods.


Expansion Store

Expansion Store
Add Additional Doses

Get sequences for your computer software from a library of hundreds in BinBeat's I-Doser store. These doses work on both Mac and Windows versions of the I-Doser software, on premium and free versions.

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